AT Howard.png
Name Howard
Sex Male
Location Sanctuary Hills
Family Nora (wife)
Shaun (son)
Appearances Fallout 4
Voice Actor Brian T. Dalaney
Howard was the Male protagonist created by Bethesda for their E3 showcase in 2015. Using Howard, they showed the power of their face editor, and also demonstrated that they've recorded over 1000 of the most popular names for their robot, Codsworth, to say.

[edit] Background

Howard was spending the morning with his family when he was accepted in to Vault 111 by a Vault-Tec representative. His time with his family that morning is a brief one before the alarm is sounded, warning of a nuclear attack. As the alarm sounds, the sole survivor, their partner, and their son Shaun run for Vault 111. However they are outside the vault waiting for the doors to open when the nuclear explosion goes off, with the sole survivor surviving the blast after being lowered in to the vault. If he is chosen as the player character, for reasons unknown they were able to survive 200 years before re-emerging from Vault 111 as the only surviving member. If they were not selecting as the playable character, then he and his son Shaun are nowhere to be found.

[edit] Trivia

  • If Howard is chosen as the Sole Survivor, then his name can be altered by players.

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