Humans are the dominant species in the Fallout series, including in Fallout 4. The term human is used synonymously post-war generally with this with minimal or no mutantation resulting from the nuclear explosion in 2077. However there are several variants of "Humans" in Fallout 4, which have undergone either minor or major mutation since the explosion.

[edit] Minor Variants

  • Beastlord, humans who have developed a psychic control over animals
  • Psyker, humans that possess paranormal abilities.
  • Dwarf, very similar to other humans other than their shorter stature
  • Slags, humans who have adaptated to living in the dark conditions of the underground. They have developedkeen dark-light vision, but ultra sensitivity to daylight.

[edit] Major Variants

  • Ghouls, are humans who have survived otherwise deadly doses of radiation poisoning which has resulted in a degenerate, zombie-esque husk of a person with indefinite life spans. While they are immune to the lethal effects of radiation exposure, they are not immune from its degenerative effects.
  • Super Mutant, there are currently 3 known variants of the super mutant in Fallout 4: Skirmisher, Brute, and Behemoth.

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